blog Archive — October 2012

More Art Forger Reviews are Rolling In

The Washington Post raved: “Shapiro’s depiction of the politics and personal rivalries of the art world adds considerable depth here, and her accounts of the history of forging and of the technical processes that fool authenticators prove precise and exciting . . . Readers seeking an engaging novel about...

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Notes from the Road: The Left Coast

I’ve just returned from a five-day book tour of coastal California: San Francisco (Copperfield’s in Healdsburg) San Diego (Warwick’s in La Jolla), LA (Vroman’s in Pasadena) and aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I’ve been writing fiction of 25 years – six novels published, three in the drawer) – and this is the first time...

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The Intrigue of Art Theft

My publisher, Algonquin Books, has been tweeting and Facebooking that they have no responsibility for the robbery of the Kunstal Museum in Rotterdam last week in which thieves stole hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of paintings...

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