More Art Forger Reviews are Rolling In

The Washington Post raved: “Shapiro’s depiction of the politics and personal rivalries of the art world adds considerable depth here, and her accounts of the history of forging and of the technical processes that fool authenticators prove precise and exciting . . . Readers seeking an engaging novel about artists and art scandals will find The Art Forger rewarding for its skillful balance of brisk plotting, significant emotional depth and a multi-layered narration rich with a sense of moral consequence.”

Entertainment Weekly called it “addictive.” (see attached scan) said: “The Art Forger is the real thing.”

New York Daily News called it “engrossing.”

The Connecticut Post ran the interview with you, calling The Art Forger “one of the sleeper hits of the season.” (Was reprinted by other CT papers, including the Stamford Advocate).

The Naples Daily News raved: “[The Art Forger] is going to be a big hit this season and for some time to come. There is much here to discuss. Book groups rejoice. You have a masterpiece to use with this one.” picked it as the “Red Hot Book of the Week,” calling it “un-putdownable.”  

The Toronto Star ran a slideshow of new books out now, with the jacket art and a summary.  

And the Boston edition of Daily Candy said: “Read The Art Forger . . . [if] you’re nostalgic for Gone Girl.”