Notes from the Road: The Left Coast

I’ve just returned from a five-day book tour of coastal California: San Francisco (Copperfield’s in Healdsburg) San Diego (Warwick’s in La Jolla), LA (Vroman’s in Pasadena) and aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I’ve been writing fiction of 25 years – six novels published, three in the drawer) – and this is the first time a publisher has sent me on tour. Was it as wonderful as I thought it would be? Absolutely. Was it exhausting? Absolutely. Was it tedious – six flights in six days, innumerable shuttles and a memorable political argument with the driver from SF to Napa? Even more absolutely. Wouldn’t have wanted anything to be different – except when they took my carry-on off the plane in LA to check it.

I signed books until my wrist gave way, sold more than a few, met many fabulous people – especially the bookstore owners and staff as well as the incomparable artist Bob Johnson – and had more than a few interesting plane conversations. I also got to see my oldest friend – or friend of longest standing – Linda in San Francisco, my cousins Joanne and Harriet in San Diego, my cousins Debbie and Debi in LA, and best of all, my son, Scott. Not bad for a day job.