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The Collector's Apprentice


The New York Times bestselling author of The Art Forger and The Muralist, B. A. Shapiro returns with another unforgettable tale about the lengths to which people will go for their obsession, whether it be art, money, love, or vengeance. 

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the-muralist-paperback-sm.jpgThe Muralist

From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Art Forger comes a thrilling new novel of art, history, love, and politics that traces the life and mysterious disappearance of a brilliant young artist on the eve of World War II.

Alizée Benoit, an American painter working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), vanishes in New York City in 1940 amid personal and political turmoil. No one knows what happened to her. Not her Jewish family living in German-occupied France. Not her artistic patron and political compatriot, Eleanor Roosevelt. Not her close-knit group of friends, including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Lee Krasner. And, some seventy years later, not her great-niece, Danielle Abrams, who while working at Christie’s auction house uncovers enigmatic paintings hidden behind recently found works by those now famous Abstract Expressionist artists. Do they hold answers to the questions surrounding her missing aunt?

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The Art Forger - paperback - by B.A. ShapiroThe Art Forger

On March 18, 1990, thirteen works of art worth today over $500 million were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. It remains the largest unsolved art heist in history and Claire Roth, a struggling young artist with her own scandalous past, is about to discover that that there's more to this crime than meets the eye.

"The Art Forger is clever and gripping story. Just like a fine painting, this is a many layered literary thriller about love, betrayal and authenticity. Shapiro builds the story with pitch perfect suspense and twists in plot you don't see coming. The Art Forger is a masterpiece."

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Other Novels by B.A. Shapiro

Beginning in April 2014, B.A. Shapiro's previously published fiction publications are being re-published as eBooks—available both for Kindle and Nook. These include:

The Safe Room - SmallThe Safe Room

This psychological thriller follows the doomed love affair of Silas Person, a runaway slave riding the Underground Railroad, and Sarah Harden, the daughter of a famous abolitionist. Sarah and Silas’s story is intertwined with that of Lee Seymour, a modern-day descendant of the Harden family who must suddenly grapple with a world in which murder and ghosts are all too real.

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Blind Spot - SmallBlind Spot

A supernatural thriller set in an upscale suburb of Boston. It opens as forensic psychologist Suki Jacobs receives a phone call from the police informing her that her seventeen-year-old daughter, Alexa, is claiming that her ex-boyfriend has been murdered. Upon further investigation, the boy is found alive and healthy. But the next day, when he is killed in a drive-by shooting, Alexa becomes the prime suspect. Now Suki is plunged into a fight for her daughter's life as well as a struggle over what is—and isn't—possible.

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See No Evil - SmallSee No Evil

Lauren Freeman, a graduate student writing a book about American witch trials, touches the worn leather binding of The Chronicle of the Coven, sees a flash of knives and hears a strange chorus of voices in her head. At first, Lauren is undeterred, but when her professor is killed, everything changes. After her son’s kidnapping, multiple murder attempts, and a chase through labyrinthine subway tunnels, Lauren finally confronts the perpetrator of these horrific events and acknowledges that, even in the everyday, things are often not as they seem.

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Blameless - smallBlameless

This psychological thriller set in Boston follows a psychologist with the patient from hell. It tells the tale of Diana Marcus, who must fight to save her good name, career, and marriage when her favorite patient, James Hutchins, commits suicide and his family files charges of malpractice, sexual abuse, and wrongful death against her. But when Diana succeeds in clearing her name by proving that James did not commit suicide, she is thrown into a battle for her life, as well as that of her unborn child, as she becomes the prime suspect in James’s murder—and perhaps the real murderer’s next victim.

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Shattered Echoes - smallShattered Echoes

A thriller about murder, madness, and the supernatural in Boston's historic Back Bay. It is the story of Lindsey Kern, who, after the tragic death of her husband of less than two years, sells her house in the suburbs and moves into a renovated townhouse in the city, only to discover that an earlier tenant—over one hundred years earlier—apparently still lives on the premises.

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