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Increasingly eerie connections with the past, a missing bracelet, and murder make this a recommended choice for readers of psychological suspense.
Library Journal on The Safe Room

Barbara Shapiro uses an exciting and different tack in her newest thriller, taking an already taut suspense tale and giving it a strange and eerie paranormal twist.
Romantic Times on Blind Spot

The extraordinary, well-crafted tale presents an enchanting mystery in which there is never a lag in tone. The reader will be hooked by the end of its first chapter.
Gothic Journal on See No Evil

In twenty years of reading mysteries, I’ve never come across a more effective, yet logically inevitable ending.
Mostly Murder on Blameless

Shattered Echoes repeatedly touches a raw spot that can be soothed only by turning every page until it’s over.
Boston Globe on Shattered Echoes

The Safe Room

How long can murder haunt a family? Until the wrong is put right and the victim is able to rest in peace. The Safe Room is the story of such a murder and such a haunting.

Set in Lexington, Massachusetts, The Safe Room toggles between the eve of the Civil War and the present. It follows the doomed love affair of Silas Person, a run-away slave riding the Underground Railroad on the eve of the Civil War, and Sarah Harden, the daughter of a famous abolitionist who befriends him. Sarah and Silas’ story is intertwined with that of Lee Seymour, a modern-day descendant who suddenly must grapple with a world in which murder and ghosts are all too real.

The Safe Room is a suspenseful tale that employs love and the paranormal to explore the ugliness of injustice and the beauty of hope.

“Blends several themes and genres . . . Shapiro gives the reader a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, a ghost story and social history.” Publishers Weekly

Blind Spot

With two college-bound teenagers and pile of post-due bills, Suki Jacobs finally has the case that could make her career as a forensic psychologist: evaluating the sanity of Lindsey Kern, a convicted murderer claiming to be innocent—and clairvoyant. Suki’s professional determination will either free Lindsey, who insists the real killer is a ghost, or find her criminally insane for life.

This case soon takes on an eerie similarity to Suki’s own life when her 17-year-old daughter, Alexa, has a premonition that her ex-boyfriend is dead. The very next day the boy is murdered—and Alexa becomes the prime suspect. Desperate to prove her daughter’s innocence, Suki will turn everywhere for answers except to Lindsey, the one woman whose own haunted past and psychic insights might save Alexa. Can Suki go beyond the boundaries of her reality to see the truth before it’s too late?

“Shapiro uses an exciting and different tack in her newest thriller, taking an already taut suspense tale and giving it a strange and eerie paranormal twist.” Romantic Times

See No Evil

Recently separated with a young child to raise, Lauren Freeman is more determined than ever to complete her doctoral thesis. But the pursuit of knowledge is leading her into dangerous, hidden places—toward a secret closely guarded for over three hundred years.

Now the past is reaching out for Lauren with lethal tendrils—threatening her family, her friends, her future . . . her life. For there are those who gather in moonlight for strange, unholy purposes—those who believe that Lauren Freeman has lived before . . . and now must die again.

See No Evil pits an intrepid historical researcher against folktales of witchcraft and reincarnation in a suspenseful tale reminiscent . . . of Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby. It will keep you on the edge of your chair. Be sure to read this one with all of the lights turned on.” The Armchair Detective


James Hutchins is dead by his own hand. The note he left behind blames a happily married wife and mother-to-be for his action—Diana Marcus, his dedicated therapist . . . his fatal love.

Once well-respected, now Diana Marcus’ career is being ripped to shreds by innuendo and accusation. Reporters brutally invade her privacy. Her life has been stolen, her marriage torn apart, her unborn child threatened. Only the truth can save Diana, but it is buried beneath layers of lies, treachery and erotic secrets. And the search is dragging her down toward a deadly revelation too shocking to imagine . . . and too terrible to ignore.

“Shapiro is a master at depicting complex emotions. . . . The compelling story will grab you by the neck and propel you to read with increasing speed, getting to the shocking conclusion all too soon.” Boston Herald

Shattered Echoes

In the wake of a bizarre and devastating personal tragedy, Lindsey Kern has come to an elegant old townhouse in Boston to forget and to begin her life over.

But Lindsey is not alone. Someone prowls her apartment at night—a tormented soul from a past century, shrouded in mystery and the cloying scent of lavender. Someone who once suffered terribly and wants revenge. Someone who kills. Now Lindsey is fighting for her sanity and her life. But it may already be too late. . . .

“Fast paced . . . hauntingly original.” Mystery News